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I guess I hadn’t updated the website in some time, though I had been updating the Facebook page. My bad. Added a C128 section so you can download all the projects I’ve been working on. The board since the last … Continue reading

More Online Stuff…

Added about 200,000 blocks of goodness including: Files from 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 for the C64 Almost the entire FOG collection of disks. Lots of CP/M goodness for your CP/M machine. Also about 40 online games were added. Click … Continue reading


This has been working properly for a little over a month, so I guess it’s time to announce… Retro Usenet! The point of RetroUsenet is you can read Usenet as if it were 30 years ago. Want to know what … Continue reading

Introducing the Particles! BBS Empire Contest!

Introducing, the Particles! BBS Empire Contest… with prizes! Starting on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 at 7AM Central time (or 12:00 UTC), Particles! BBS will be opening up a door in the RPG section of the board called “Empire Contest”. You … Continue reading

Man, I’m Slacking.

Some quick updates… Check out Mike Whalen’s podcast on BBSes, Electric Dreams (! We’re supporting the podcast by supporting a forum for them. And it’s a bit late, but we’re in issue #85 of Commodore Free found here: And … Continue reading


We hit 100+ users in just a few months. That’s awesome! We’ve uploaded a few hundred new NTSC Plus/4 files so you can dust off the Plus/4 in the attic and put some use to it. Updated the webpage with … Continue reading

We’ve updated!

After decades of using C*base, we’ve moved to Centipede 128. What does this mean? High speed support 80 columns ANSI, PETSCII, ASCII, whatever-ski. Lots more file areas, lots more online games, etc. You’ll have to logon as new, but it … Continue reading


I think the majority of the bugs are worked out.  Uploaded about 40,000 blocks just today in the 1986 section. LORD is still in alpha, please give it a shot.

Still some bugs..

Until I can work out the gremlins, if you get a ‘disconnected’ message when calling, it normally means someone is already online   Keep trying, or call some other C64 BBSes while you wait:

Added new online games

Came across a disk with about 20 more games that I didn’t have.  They’re added, enjoy!