Some of you are all about the specs. So.. here’s a rundown of the board:

The board is running on:

A Commodore 128DCR Computer
A RGB ->VGA Adapter hooked to an LCD monitor
Centipede BBS Software
A 1MB 1750 Clone
Most of the board is in RAM to make it much, much faster
A Swiftlink RS232 adapter with ports open at 38,400 which is … holy crap fast
A CMD HD with a 8GB Compact Flash card hooked to an Aztec SCSI to CF adapter. Instant seeks.
Hooked to a POS Windows computer running BBS Server 1.4a with real COM ports to make it stable.

Here’s the man-cave with the goodness going on:


And the back of the 128:


7 Responses to Hardware

  1. td says:

    That’s a cool nerd lair.

  2. clayton says:

    you tube tour would be cool

  3. Polluks says:

    You could replace the PC by a Comet64 internet modem…

  4. Simon says:

    Place is worthy of some cracked-open Budweiser’s – that joint rocks.

  5. Steve says:

    My Museum used to look close to this layout.. Except for the Massively Kool Skylight ! and I had a wider assortment on display and running. from Pets to Amiga 2000.. Tandy’s and Atari assortment Lost almost all of them in s storage disaster, in ’05 When I had to move back to Indiana..

    At any rate, Way Cool ! Have a fantastic Year !

    Endacomm1-AKA Steve W.

  6. Eric says:

    that skylight is going to turn your gorgeous machines into a bright yellow! Beware…

    Sweet setup.

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