Introducing the Particles! BBS Empire Contest!

Introducing, the Particles! BBS Empire Contest… with prizes!

Starting on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 at 7AM Central time (or 12:00 UTC), Particles! BBS will be opening up a door in the
RPG section of the board called “Empire Contest”. You play, you win, you get prizes.

What’s the catch?

Nothing. All for fun.

What’s the prizes?

First place, a brand new box of Memorex colored disks (2S/DD) and 20 “recycled” 3.5” disks formatted for 1581 before
they’re sent out.

Second place, 10 “recycled” 3.5” disks formatted for 1581 before they’re sent out.

What’s the Rules?

First person to become ‘King’, wins first prize!
Whomever is in second place when the first person becomes ‘King’, wins second place!

Sysop (me), will ship disks to wherever they need to go, no cost to anyone.

No cheating… IPs are logged so it’s pretty easy to find out if you’re creating duplicate accounts. Of course, you’ll be
disqualified, and receive a public flogging.

Have fun and see you there!

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