The lifeblood of any BBS are the users, and in order to make a BBS a hangout that people want to go to, you need to give them a way to interact. This is what message bases are for!

What’s a Message Base?

Have you ever used a forum on a website? Most forums are written to mimic the original BBSes. There are different subboards (message bases) that have certain topics to talk about, or you can just drop into the ‘Checking In’ forum to talk about whatever you’d like. Our message bases are active with all things retro, modern, and just day-to-day life conversations.

How Do I Use Them?

There are many commands you can use in the message base area, but there’s only a handful that you need to remember. Let’s walk through it.

First, you’ll want to hit ‘M’ from the Main Menu for Messages.


Type ‘R’ for Read Messages. This brings you an option of selecting just one message base, all, or other options. Push Enter/Return to read everything that’s new.


Look at that, there’s 1 message since the last time you called. Let’s select Y or hit Enter/Return to read it.


It’s a message from our friend Smith commenting on us getting so old we’re retro. You can hit ‘?’ to see what commands are available.


Here’s a list of commands, but we want to respond to it, so we will hit ‘R’.


We’ll keep the subject the way it was and start typing our response. When we’re done, on BLANK line, we type ‘/s’ to save the message.


The message will be saved, and pressing Enter/Return will go to the next message (if there is one).

2 Responses to Messages

  1. Pat says:

    The threading on this BBS software while trying to catch up on messages is the most complicated system ever.

  2. admin says:

    Once you get how it works, it’s pretty easy.

    Basically, only 500 messages are ‘active’. There is a rolling number that tells you what message you’re on, for example say 2100 is the newest message. This means message numbers 1600 through 2100 are ‘active’.

    To catch up easily, instead of reading all, read a single message base. It’ll ask if you if you want to read all new, say no. It will give you the range of messages. If you’re wanting to catch up to something new, pick a number closer to the example 2100. If you pick 2000, then you will only have 100 messages to go through instead of 500, etc.

    If you’re on a message base and don’t want to read a particular thread, hit C to jump to the next topic.

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