I guess I hadn’t updated the website in some time, though I had been updating the Facebook page. My bad.

Added a C128 section so you can download all the projects I’ve been working on.

The board since the last post has had so many updates that I can’t list them here. Working Usenet on a C128? Yup. Retro Usenet? Yup. Lots of games still? Yup. Tons and tons of GEOS uploads, MODs, Plus/4, C64, C128 files.. you name it.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do maintaining it!

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More Online Stuff…

Added about 200,000 blocks of goodness including:

Files from 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 for the C64
Almost the entire FOG collection of disks. Lots of CP/M goodness for your CP/M machine.

Also about 40 online games were added. Click the ‘Games’ tab to see what all is online now.

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This has been working properly for a little over a month, so I guess it’s time to announce…

Retro Usenet!

The point of RetroUsenet is you can read Usenet as if it were 30 years ago. Want to know what computing was like back in the 80s? Now’s your chance!

A daily feed connects and updates the board for the current date, minus 31 years (we’re currently updating for 1984). 20 newsgroups are currently active, plus more available upon request. check it out.. it’s fascinating.. and sorta pointless :)

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Introducing the Particles! BBS Empire Contest!

Introducing, the Particles! BBS Empire Contest… with prizes!

Starting on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 at 7AM Central time (or 12:00 UTC), Particles! BBS will be opening up a door in the
RPG section of the board called “Empire Contest”. You play, you win, you get prizes.

What’s the catch?

Nothing. All for fun.

What’s the prizes?

First place, a brand new box of Memorex colored disks (2S/DD) and 20 “recycled” 3.5” disks formatted for 1581 before
they’re sent out.

Second place, 10 “recycled” 3.5” disks formatted for 1581 before they’re sent out.

What’s the Rules?

First person to become ‘King’, wins first prize!
Whomever is in second place when the first person becomes ‘King’, wins second place!

Sysop (me), will ship disks to wherever they need to go, no cost to anyone.

No cheating… IPs are logged so it’s pretty easy to find out if you’re creating duplicate accounts. Of course, you’ll be
disqualified, and receive a public flogging.

Have fun and see you there!

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Man, I’m Slacking.

Some quick updates…

Check out Mike Whalen’s podcast on BBSes, Electric Dreams (! We’re supporting the podcast by supporting a forum for them.

And it’s a bit late, but we’re in issue #85 of Commodore Free found here:

And lastly…

We’re in the process of adding a few thousand text files online. Enjoy!

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We hit 100+ users in just a few months. That’s awesome!

We’ve uploaded a few hundred new NTSC Plus/4 files so you can dust off the Plus/4 in the attic and put some use to it.

Updated the webpage with some tutorials to help you guys out.

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We’ve updated!

After decades of using C*base, we’ve moved to Centipede 128.

What does this mean?

High speed support

80 columns

ANSI, PETSCII, ASCII, whatever-ski.

Lots more file areas, lots more online games, etc.

You’ll have to logon as new, but it should be worth it.

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I think the majority of the bugs are worked out.  Uploaded about 40,000 blocks just today in the 1986 section.

LORD is still in alpha, please give it a shot.

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Still some bugs..

Until I can work out the gremlins, if you get a ‘disconnected’ message when calling, it normally means someone is already online ;)  Keep trying, or call some other C64 BBSes while you wait:

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Added new online games

Came across a disk with about 20 more games that I didn’t have.  They’re added, enjoy!



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